Selfie Sunday?

Selfie Sunday?

You might say, “doesn’t anybody really care that I looked up the score for the Rangers game?” A government, or a hacker, or some other nefarious individual would say yes, they’re very interested. Because it tells them a lot about you. It tells them that you probably speak English. It tells them that you’re an American. It tells them that you’re interested in this sport. They might know what your habits are, [and] where in the world were you when you checked the score—do you check it when you travel or do you check it when you’re just at home? They’d be able to tell something called your “pattern of life.” When are you doing these kinds of activities? When do you wake up? When do you go to sleep? What other phones are around you when you wake up and go to sleep? Are you with someone that’s not your wife? Are you someplace you shouldn’t be, according to the Government? Are you doing something we disapprove of, even if they aren’t technically illegal? And all of these things can raise your level of scrutiny. Even if it seems entirely innocent to you. Even if you have nothing to hide. Even if you’re doing nothing wrong. These activities can be misconstrued, misinterpreted, and used to harm you as an individual, even without the government having any intent to do you wrong.


Julian Assange cuts short interview to help an old man

Tomorrow (Aug 16) marks 2 years since Julian #Assange was granted political asylum and surrounded by police.

my voice will get sexier and sexier you know, as the day goes on. 


Basti interrupting Thomas’ interview


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